Grounding Strap for the Military Industry

groundling strap

grounding strap

The part was initially defined as a buy part and was later brought in as a make part within Turner Bellows to reduce product cost and lead time to our end customer. The material is priced by the pound and is received in rolls .610” wide. The material is .007″ thick Beryllium Copper and conforms to QQ-C-533 specification.

The material is processed through a mating die which cuts the part to the specified dimensions holding tolerances of .020”. The parts are cleaned using a deburring wheel and then sent out for the finish. The finish is Brightened Tin Lead (Cu/Snco-Pb40/5b) per ASTM B579.

This product is used as a component part of a higher assembly, as well as sold directly to an end customer. Parts are packaged, and warehoused ready for shipment or in-house use, within 6 weeks, with an annual usage of 4,000 pcs. A 16.5 % improvement in price and 35% improvement in lead time was realized.

Project Details:

Product Name

Grounding Strap

Project Scope

4,000 Pcs Per Year

Capabilities Applied

Supply Chain Management

Stamping Process

Tightest Tolerance


Material Type

.007” Beryllium Copper

Material Finish

Brightened Tin Lead (Cu/Snco-Pb40/5b) Per ASTM B579

Operations Applied

Mechanical Assembly

Mating Die Cut

Tooling Cost


Standards Met

ISO 9001:2015

Drawing Type Accepted

All Common Formats


4,000 / Year

Lead Time

6 Weeks